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Conway Heating & Air strives to be a resource for the Cabarrus County. We like to offer valuable tips to those who want to know more about their home. Please come back on a regular basis, as articles will be added monthly. Or sign up for our monthly Around The House newsletter, and learn how to get special deals.

Dirty Furnace Can Burn Your House Down and Make You Sick - What do you think happens when do not clean your furnace filter.

Tips For Furnace Maintenance - As always most furnace manufactures and heating contractors will recommend having your home furnace checked by a qualified service technician prior to each heating season

Choosing A New Furnace - As winter approaches, everyone begins to think about the furnace. Will in kick on? Will it last through another long, cold winter? Should we install a new furnace? If so, with what kind? If these questions are familiar to you, keep reading as we try to "demystify" a couple of household heating sources.

Save On Utility Bills With Under floor Heating - With the cost of living so high, many people are struggling to make ends meet. We constantly search for an extra dollar or two – perhaps even a lottery ticket that will allow us to live comfortably and not have to worry about how high the electricity bill is going to be. Luckily, there are luxuries that can be affordable and at the same time help us keep our bills down.

Home Heating Options - Home heating costs have doubled over the past ten years, now representing 60% of the energy spent in Charlotte homes. No one can predict how high fuel costs will go, however we can be certain of one thing - the costs will go up. It's anyone's guess which fuel might be the better bargain in ten or twenty years, so it's tough to shop for a heating system today without wondering if you've made the right decision. Although we can't tell you which choice to make, we can show you how the different fuels compare today.

Cold Weather Tips About Your Furnace A furnace tune up cleans your system making it operate more efficiently saving you money on your fuel costs

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