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Air Conditioning Articles For Charlotte Homeowners

Conway Heating & Air strives to be a resource for the Cabarrus County. We like to offer valuable tips to those who want to know more about their home. Please come back on a regular basis, as articles will be added monthly. Or sign up for our monthly Around The House newsletter, and learn how to get special deals.

Did you Find The Right Air Filter? - The work of the air filter in an air conditioning system is to keep the cooling coils and air inside the home clean and free from all forms of air contaminants such as pet dander and ozone emissions.

What You Need To Know About Air Conditioning - A true air conditioning system performs three basic functions. The one that would first occur to anyone entering an air conditioned room from the outside during the summer is air cooling.

Get A Professional For Your Air Conditioning The basic theory that warm air rises is especially true when talking about the theory of air conditioning. Because cold air is heavier it always eventually ends up nearer to the floor where it can be vented away to allow an area to be heated or vented back in to help cool the room.

Air Conditioning and Filters - Are you among the people who see and use Air conditioners merely as Heaters and Coolers without realizing that an air conditioner is equally an air filter or purifier? Yes, this could militate against proper care for the air filter in your air conditioning system resulting in dirty filters and impure indoor air.

Take Care of Your Air Conditioner - If you take care of your air conditioning unit, you could prolong its life and get the most use out of it. Generally you should be able to do most of the maintenance yourself. However, in the more serious cases, it would be better to hire a Charlotte air conditioning contractor.

How Does Air Conditioning Work? How often do you drive past a home or other building and notice the air conditioner?






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